SpinBook-CH is a new tool set up by IRCrES (Research Institute on Sustainable Economic Growth) within the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences and Cultural Heritage of the National Research Council of Italy, in collaboration with Ormylia Foundation. It considers all types of actors involved in the innovation process, from researchers to the companies and the public administrations; through related figures as investors and intermediaries, each one with a specific user profile.
We expect in fact that SpinBook-CH will be used by all the stakeholders, in the field of cultural heritage, involved in IPERION CH Project:

  • political decision makers need information that can help them understand and evaluate the various scientific skills available at the Universities and the other Scientific Institutions;
  • furthermore, the industrial sector should be able to access at selected hi-tech information, in order to assess in a reliable way the economic potential of the range of available skills and technologies and to have the chance to acquire it within a short space of time;
  • lastly, for what concerns also this research field, the implicit usefulness derives from being able to share and circulate this type of information, also within the own research community, toward an effective interdisciplinary and transversal approach.
Therefore, the project aims to set up a social network between all the actors of the innovation process, in the field of cultural heritage, giving them a suitable visibility and also giving a boost to new ideas and projects; it is based on a solid data quality control and on a careful validation of users' profiles, another important feature is the hour-by-hour updating of news about R&D topics.

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